Concours Space Art - Production des élèves

Par CLEMENT LUIS NOURI, publié le mercredi 31 janvier 2024 15:06 - Mis à jour le lundi 18 mars 2024 11:43
L'ensemble des productions des élèves pour le concours Concours Space Art de l'European Association for Astronomy Education

Savannah 6eme

Solar System

"This drawing shows a part of the solar system, where there is Mars, the Earth and Venus, and the kind of pink clouds are distant galaxies."



Maxime 5e

Dawn Night

"For me, the Northen lights are a wonder of the world.
The different shades of colors mean that for the lucky ones who can watch them, the show is incredible.
I chose to make a drawing of the Nothern lights because I really like the effect it gives, it gives a magical effect to the sky."


Laurelys 5e

Aurora Borealis

"The aurora borealis is formed when there is a collision between particules, charged with electrons and protons ejected by the sun, and the gaz present in the upper atmosphere of the Earth. The Collisions create tiny sparkles of light that leave colorful veils in the sky."